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Round 1:
1. Senefelder Spatzen
Saquon Barkley, RB NYG

2. Berlin Cowboys (from MGS via BTD)
Ronald Jones, RB TB

3. Berlin TDnators (from RED via GWS)
Derrius Guice, RB WAS

4. Berlin Cowboys (from BTD)
Rashaad Penny, RB SEA

5. Gehrden Warriors (from MRC via BTD)
Sony Michel, RB NE

6. Berlin 49ers (via BTD)
Royce Freeman, RB DEN

7. Berlin 49ers (from BEB via BTD)
Kerryon Johnson, RB DET

8. Wiener Schnitzels (from STB via MRC)
Nick Chubb, RB CLE

9. Marburg Crusaders (from WIE)
D.J. Moore, WR CAR

10. Gehrden Warriors (from BER via BTD)
Michael Gallup, WR DAL

11. Gehrden Warriors
Calvin Ridley, WR ATL

12. Berlin Cowboys
Kalen Ballage, RB MIA

Round 2:
1. Berlin Cowboys
Christian Kirk, WR ARI

2. Red Mambas Hannover (from GWS)
Nyheim Hines, RB IND

3. Marburg Crusaders (from BER via BTD)
Mike Gesicki, TE MIA

4. Wiener Schnitzels
Dante Pettis, WR SF

5. Berlin TDnators (from STB)
Anthony Miller, WR CHI

6. Berlin Basher
Marcell Ateman, WR OAK

7. Berlin Ruthless (from B49 via BTD)
Courtland Sutton, WR DEN

8. Stockerau Bulldogs (from MRC via BTD)
James Washington, WR PIT

9. Marburg Gamblers (from BTD)
D.J. Chark, WR JAC

10. Red Mambas Hannover
Hayden Hurst, TE BAL
11. Marburg Gamblers
Dallas Goedert, TE PHI

12. Senefelder Spatzen
Bo Scarbrough, RB DAL
The 2018 Rookie Draft began this morning (May 2nd) at 0:00 CEST.

Each pick must be made in the forum within exactly 24 hours of the previous selection (the time starts when the previous pick is announced in the forum). Once announcing their pick, owners are kindly asked to notify the next owner as a friendly reminder that they are officially "on the clock".

The list of owners can be found in the rules thread: (

§ 2.3 Aktuelle Ligaaufteilung
  • Division RED
    - Schwedty96 (Gehrden Warriors)
    - FlyingFrogs (Red Mambas Hanover)
    - Maybedavis (Berlin 49ers)
  • Division BLUE
    - Peter Scheldt (Marburg Gamblers)
    - snowfox (Berlin TDnators)
    - Jarlinger (Berlin Ruthless)
  • Division GREEN
    - D@ngermaus (Berlin Cowboys)
    - Dan_the_Man (Marburg Crusaders)
    - ranallo10 (Wiener Schnitzels)
  • Division YELLOW
    - nikro (Stockerau Bulldogs)
    - Tomsemomse (Berlin Basher)
    - Butscher (Senefelder Spatzen)

As a reminder: If an owner does not make their selection within the 24 hour time frame the draft continues and the pick is advanced to the next owner in the draft order. The owner who was skipped may make their selection at any time after their 24 hour window has expired, however the draft will not wait for this selection to be made.

All picks are made in this thread and are required to include the following information in some form:
First and Last Name
NFL Team

Senefelder Spatzen are on the clock.
With the first pick of the 2018 Rookie Draft Senefelder Spatzen select future Hall of Famer

Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants

on the clock: Berlin Cowboys
With the second pick of the 2018 Rookie Draft, the Berlin Cowboys select:

Jones, Ronald, RB TB

On the clock:
Berlin TDnators
With the 3rd overall Pick of the 2018 NSFF Rookie Draft

Berlin TDnators select:

Derrius Guice
Washington Redskins

OTC Berlin Cowboys
With the fourth pick of the 2018 Rookie Draft, the Berlin Cowboys select:

Penny, Rashaad, RB SEA

On the clock:
Gehrden Warriors
Don`t trust a Patriots Running Back..Shit happens

Pick 1.05. Gehrden Warriors select:

Sony Michel, RB, NE

Berlin 49ers on the Clock

Sorry...Pick 1.05.
Wenn ihr etwas in den Titel schreibt, setzt bitte [NSFF] davor
With the 6th pick of the 2018 Rookie Draft, the Berlin 49ers select:

RB Royce Freeman, Denver Broncos

And with the 7th pick of the 2018 Rookie Draft, the Berlin 49ers select:

RB Kerryon Johnson, Detroit Lions

The Marburg Cusaders are on the Clock...
With the eighth pick of the 2018 NSFF Rookie Draft, the Wiener Schnitzels select:

Nick Chubb, RB CLE

On the clock:
Marburg Crusaders
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