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The league fee for 2022 will remain at €15 per team.

You may transfer your league fee to my Austrian bank account, or via PayPal (ask me directly for the details):

Christopher Ranallo
IBAN: AT18 1400 0025 1006 4960

The deadline is June 1st.

Payment Status: (Paid/Unpaid)
Berlin Basher
Berlin Cowboys
Dresden Titans
Gehrden Warriors
Korneuburg 4th and 20
Marburg Crusaders
Marburg Gamblers
Merican Black Stallions
Okeechobee Brahmas
Senefelder Spatzen
Stockerau Bulldogs
Wiener Schnitzels

Please remember that trading away future draft picks will require you to pay the league fee for that season IN ADVANCE. I've not been the most diligent at enforcing this but it's something we need to be better about.