Normale Version: [NSFF] League Deadlines 2024 (Season XVII)
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As outlined in the constitution (§ 8 TERMINE), the following deadlines are of importance
unless otherwise specified the deadline is 00:00 ET (Eastern Time - US) / 06:00 CET (Central European Time)

League Membership Fee:
July 1

Rookie Draft: shortly after the NFL Draft
May 1

Keeper Announcement: two weeks before the NFL Preseason
July 27

Veteran Draft: during the NFL Preseason

Free agent waiver wire begins: Directly after the Veteran Draft

Roster Cut: Tuesday after the last NFL Preseason game
September 3

Trade Deadline: Tuesday after NFL Week 13
December 11ish

Regular Season:
Week 1-14

Week 15-17

Offseason: Tuesday after the NSFF Championship
Week 18